When driving up a hill, a car could sputter or lose power. Several reasons could cause such a performance issue. The vehicle's fuel pump could be going bad, an issue that may require complicated repairs, depending on the model. Perhaps a simple fuel injection cleaning may be enough. Ultimately, when something seems wrong with the fuel system, getting an inspection done seems appropriate.

The fuel system includes several parts and components that work together to ensure the fuel does its job by making the engine perform its task. Sometimes, parts break down, as a fuel pump or the fuel injectors require replacing. Other times, routine services, such as cleaning deposits out of the fuel tank or cleaning parts, improves performance.

Drivers should keep an eye out for potential fuel system problems. Stalling, surging, reduced fuel economy, and other issues may indicate a serious problem.

At Advantage Lincoln, our Fremont service center handles fuel system issues. Please set up an appointment.


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