Drivers may eventually notice that a vehicle pulls to one side or the other when driving down the road. Misalignment also often causes a strange vibrating sensation and sound during travel. When these events occur, the tires or wheels often require realignment.

In order to realign tires and wheels, our Advantage Lincoln technicians first determine if the wheel has an inward or outward angle when looking at the front of the vehicle. A camber misalignment may be caused by worn ball joints, bearings or other suspension parts.

The next step involves assessing the toe alignment, which determines if the tires turn inward or outward when looking at them from above. The caster angle assessment determines the steering axis of the wheels when observing from the side of the vehicle. Misalignment here causes stability, steering and cornering issues. Having the problems corrected enhances the life of the tires while ensuring better vehicle handling.


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