Your vehicle’s engine has over 250 individual large and small components. Gaskets are one of the small components of the engine that you may have heard about but may not know what they do. They are not complex, but they are a vital component for the proper functioning of your vehicle’s engine. 

Gaskets provide sealing and cushioning between the surface of two other components. There are several gaskets inside the engine to help keep it running smoothly. Other gaskets outside the engine are used to connect it to other supporting components. The primary function of gaskets is to prevent fluid and gas leakage and regulate the engine’s temperature. Some of the gaskets you will find in the engine include: 

The cylinder head gasket 

Main bearing gaskets 

Camshaft gaskets 

Intake and exhaust manifold gaskets

Gaskets can wear down like any other engine component. We can replace them the next time you bring your vehicle in for servicing at Advantage Lincoln. 



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