The Correct Method of Applying Touch-Up Paint to Your Vehicle

As an automotive dealer, we want you to be a well-informed vehicle owner and to understand how to care for your vehicle properly. So today, we will be talking about how to apply touch-up paint.

When you've researched and found the correct color of paint, follow these instructions for painting over light and deep scratches.

For Light Scratches:

• Clean with soap and water
• Scuff the area with 220+ grit paper
• Clean the surface again
• Mix paint per the instructions and carefully apply

For Deep Scratches:

• Clean the surface
• Remove any visible rust
• Prep surface with 220+ grit paper by wet sanding, then allow to dry
• Apply primer inside scratch and dry
• Use 600 or higher grit paper to smooth surface
• Mix paint per instructions and carefully apply

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