The Lincoln Corsair is one of the best designed compact luxury SUVs for many reasons. That's because Lincoln is always looking to improve their popular luxury SUVs. Here's a look at two of the smartest design features on the Corsair.

The Lincoln Corsair pays attention to every seat in the cabin. That includes the second-row seat. That's why the Corsair comes with a sliding second row seat that allows this compact SUV to have extra leg room. Also, the second-row seat can slide forward to provide extra room for cargo.

Speaking of cargo space, the Corsair also comes with some advanced storage solutions. That includes an under the floor storage that allows you to secure extra items. The Lincoln Corsair also offers a storage tray that allows you to stow smaller items behind the second-row seat. Overall, the Lincoln Corsair gives you more design solutions that other luxury SUVs in its class.


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