Lincoln has endowed the MKT with a bounty of desirable features. People are definitely loving the design and luxurious exterior, and some people are loving the technology features, too. Let's take a closer look at this popular midsize crossover.


Advancetrac comes with Roll Stability Control. There are times people drive too fast around curves, which can be dangerous. Thankfully, Curve Control, which is an enhancement of the feature, will assist by decreasing engine power and utilizing four-wheel braking to help you reduce speed.

Lane Keep

?The Lane-Keeping technology alerts you that you may be drifting into another lane unintentionally. A drift into another lane could put you and others in danger, so having this technology should make you quite happy and make driving through Fremont a little less stressful. These are just some of the tech features that make the MKT a crossover you need to experience.


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