Prepare a Winter Survival Kit to Keep Safe on the Road

Driving is riskier in Fremont and elsewhere in the wintertime. You can enhance your overall safety and that of your family by making a winter survival kit for use in your car. There are a number of key items that you need to include in your kit, according to Advantage Lincoln.

On the list of essential items to include in your winter survival kit is extra clothing, warm blankets, fresh water, nonperishable food, powerful flashlight, and portable tire pump. Make sure you add extra batteries for the flashlight.

The winter survival kit you make for your vehicle should have a spectrum of first aid supplies. If you've a first aid kit, make sure anything used or taken from the kit is replaced. Your survival kit ideally features a snow shovel, window ice scrapper, and cat litter to provide traction if stuck on ice or in snow.


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