Clean the Dirt from the Road Off of Your Engine with These Steps

The road can be a dirty place. Dust and other environmental particulates latch onto the chrome of your wheels and the paint job on the body of your car. But they also get underneath the hood. You can take your vehicle through the car wash, but if you want your engine to be as clean as the rest of the car, take these steps.

Pick a day when the weather's nice, then wait for your engine to cool if you've been recently driving your car. Lift up the hood and cover the electrical components with plastic and tape.

Then, get some degreaser from the kitchen, and spray it on the dirty, greasy parts of the top of the engine. While some of it will simply wipe away, you can use a brush with synthetic bristles for stubborn, stuck-on grease. When you've loosened all of the grime, spray it down with a garden hose, and let it air dry.

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