Tips for Driving in The Rain

At Advantage Lincoln in Fremont, OH, we want to make sure our community is educated about the proper driving practices for a storm. When it is raining, visibility can be compromised. It is important to slow down and pay more attention to the road when you drive in the rain.

Slowing down is the first step if you drive into heavy rain. You shouldn't follow closely behind anyone. Make sure you keep a good distance from any other vehicles. You should also have your lights on so other drivers can see your vehicle better.

Part of being more alert is turning off your cruise control. You can also practice responding properly to slick roads. If your car slides, turn the wheel to the direction that you want the car to keep going. Avoid slamming on your brakes and try to keep calm. Once your car is out of the slide, you can straighten out and get back to driving. A slower speed can also help you avoid sliding.

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