The Lincoln MKT Boasts Some Desirable Technology Features

The Lincoln MKT is a luxury crossover. The people of Fremont and other cities expect a lot from a luxury vehicle. Thankfully, the Lincoln MKT delivers with many features, such as its technology features.

Prevent Drifting Feature

This popular crossover is equipped with technology that will warn you when drifting occurs. This Lane-Keeping System will not control the vehicle for you, so it is important that you pay attention the road as you normally would.

Driver Memory Settings Tech

The Lincoln MKT is moving forward with its three separate driver memory settings. A driver can change the seat position, steering wheel, as well as the side mirrors with a simple button. This makes things much simpler for drivers.

These features are nice, but there are more to explore. You can see all this midsize crossover has to offer when you take it for a test drive at Advantage Lincoln.



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